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High speed motorcycle accidents are often either serious or fatal. Even crashes at 60 – 70mph can result in the victim being propelled through the air and bounced violently along the ground, with risk of a high speed impact as well. Helmets and protective gear can limit the damage to only some extent – we have seen some horrifying injuries caused as a result of motorbike accident claims.

The idea for this blog actually came from a video I watched on the Metro website about a motorcyclist who hit a car at 140mph and was propelled through the air. The incident was caught on a helmet cam, and whilst the part where he is thrown from the bike is blurry because of the speed at which he is propelled, the video is quite terrifying.

The story is about Sergey Kotov who was very fortunate to have survived the impact caught on camera when he hit a car at speed on an Interstate road in Colorado. The incident left him fighting for his life, according to reports.

Now, putting this example aside, what happens if you are the victim of an accident as a motorcyclist or push cyclist at high speed? Can you make a claim for personal injury compensation?

Rules of the road

The usual rules of the road apply – so if you are injured because a driver changes lanes in to you, pulls out on you, hits you in the back, pulls on to a roundabout, or in any other similar circumstances, you are fully entitled to make a claim for compensation.

A claim will normally form from two parts – General Damages, for the pain and suffering caused, and Special Damages for any losses and expenses caused. Both could be high if you are badly injured. Generally speaking, the more you suffer, the more we get for you.

For serious injury claims we may be able to offer a 100% compensation agreement or a reduced percentage deduction. Most firms take 25% and ask for payment of insurance, but we don’t have to. There are no upfront fees of course, and it’s No Win, No Fee so you pay nothing if the claim loses.

It’s very important to instruct a highly qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer with the right skill set to maximise your claim. You may need private medical treatment, rehabilitation, and help around the home if necessary. We can instruct a specialist agent to deal with all aspects of rehabilitation and care for serious injury case, meaning you are looked after as best as possible.

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