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Guide to making a burn injury claim

burn injury claim guide

Accidents do happen and there are none more nasty than burn or scald injuries. They might happen at home in the kitchen, a workplace, restaurant or even in a hospital. Burn injuries are normally caused by electrical faults, chemical spills, hot water scalds, fire or the skin becoming in contact with uncovered hot pipes.

Burn injuries can leave physical as well as severe emotional scars which can change a persons life forever.

The majority of people who receive burns or scalds in a workplace don't even attempt to make a claim for compensation – feeling their injuries was their own fault.

The truth of the matter is, in a number of cases, they have a justifiable right to make a claim and by keeping silent they are allowing the accident to happen to someone else in similar circumstances.

Recovering from a burn or scald injury takes lots of rehabilitation time and the person may have lost time from work and suffered a loss-of-earnings on top of their injuries. Bills still need paying. Adding more stress and worry to which is an already upsetting time for the injured party.

If the burn victim happens to have been a child, the added stress and emotional levels can impact heavily throughout the whole family.

Professional injury lawyers who have experience in burns or scald claims can assess if their was an area of negligence by the other party in the lead-up to the accident.

It may have been that a company failed to ensure the safety of its workers by exposing them to hazards within the workplace. Or faulty wiring in an electrical appliance. Each case is investigated in its own right by the injury lawyer who will then advise you on the probability of having a successful compensation claim.

When it comes to getting you the maximum amount expected for your burn injury claim then The Injury Lawyers will always be fighting for your corner.

Preparation is key with burn injury claims because insurance companies will undoubtedly try to pick holes in any evidence or testament in the hope of reducing the claim award or even having a claim quashed.

An experienced injury lawyer will build a solid case for your claim and keep you informed every step of the way. Remember, injury lawyers are there to help you recover a satisfactory monetary value for your burn or scald injuries which you received through no fault of your own.

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