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Wherever you are in the UK, we can help!

There are local law firms and there are national law firms. We cater for clients making claims all over the UK – that’s England, Wales, and Scotland. We can occasionally help with claims in Ireland as well and we do help UK victims of accidents abroad too.

Our unique approach to legal representation and our high-tech systems mean that we can help you wherever you are located in the UK. Our offices that cater for clients nationwide are open most weekdays 9am-10pm and weekends 9am-5pm both by phone and email.

The Injury Lawyers - Proudly serving the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland!

In most cases you will need to have a medical appointment with an expert and you may need to see a local physiotherapist or practitioner for treatment. Luckily for our clients we have expert offices and clinics throughout the UK.

In many instances we're less than a 10 minute car ride away from you!

That's nationwide coverage in both the major cities and regions and in the wonderful countryside throughout the UK. We have helped thousands of clients and have decades of experience in representing victims making claims for personal injury compensation. As our name suggests, we are THE Injury Lawyers!

Our nationwide service

With our extended opening times we are just a phone call or email click away! Our nationwide service offers all you need wherever you are in the country.

Local Private Medical Clinics and Offices

We don’t want you travelling for hours and hours to attend your medical appointment which is why we have access to the best medico-legal experts across the country. We know that taking time out of your busy day is hard enough at the best of times which is why we have so many clinics available nationwide so you are never too far away from your appointment.

We even have nationwide access to experts who practice in niche areas as well as having extensive coverage for the more common types of experts that most people will see.

Treatment Providers like Physiotherapists at your doorstep

Need physiotherapy? Or perhaps you need access to an osteopath or chiropractor? Maybe you are in need of occupational therapy or counselling?

Whatever it is, we have access to local rehabilitation and treatment providers to help you recover from your injuries quicker and bring an end to your suffering as soon as we can. We can offer early intervention treatment for many clients which means you can get access to a local privately instructed provider shortly after instructing us.

You don’t have to pay for it yourself as we can organise the funding of the treatment and then recover it from the opponent if the case wins or write it off under insurance. For many people the treatment clinics can be within walking distance from where you live!

Local Garages and Hire Vehicles within hours of your accident

Sometimes you just want everything dealt with all under one roof – which is why you don’t have to rely on your insurance company to sort out the vehicle repairs and hire needs at all. We know the insurers can be slow and you are sometimes seen as more of a statistic than a valued customer to them.

To us though, you are our priority. This is why we can offer local garages and engineers to inspect your car either at a local garage or at your home address. If your beloved motor needs to be taken away and replaced with a hire car then we can sort that out for you as well. If you instruct us right away then we can ask for the vehicle to be sorted within hours of your request.

Face to face support – Nationwide!

Because we have been representing accident victims nationwide for so long we have built special relationships with barristers throughout the whole of the UK so we can speak to you in person at local offices and barristers chambers.

If it’s needed then we can either organise a local appointment or come and see you at your own house.

Many of our clients have access to their cases online too – putting you in control 24/7 whenever you need.

The trusted name with nationwide coverage

Do you want to know why so many people around the UK trust us to represent them for their claim for personal injury compensation?

We are not your average high street solicitor because we only help victims who are making claims for compensation, which means you get a bespoke and specialist service from an expert lawyer. As an independent firm of specialist injury lawyers, it is actually us that will fight for your claim.

A lot of firms you see advertising on the TV and online are not actually lawyers, but claims management companies who refer people to lawyers for money. They add no value to your claim and they could end up costing you more money, and you could end up with any law firm who cannot provide you with a local service.

Our specialist service can offer you:

  • Real legal advice and specialist injury lawyers fighting for your case so you can receive MORE compensation
  • A catch-free no win, no fee promise
  • Funding agreements that save you money
  • Help that is local to you

Nationwide injury lawyers 4U

So what are you waiting for?

Need some help or friendly advice? Call our free nationwide advice line on FREE from a landline or mobile on 0800 634 75 75 or start chatting with one of our friendly team using our online chat facility.

Our reputation as a firm of expert personal injury lawyers catering for clients nationwide is simple to see by looking at our testimonials page here!

Need one of our expert claims team to call you back about an injury? Then please enter your name, the telephone number you would like us to call you back on, the accident type and when your preferred time in the form below.

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Your privacy is extremely important to us. Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

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Latest Testimonials

Teressa Davies of Aylesbury

I am so grateful to Your Lawyers for your assistance and hard work at settling my claim. I cant thank them enough for everything they did for me.

Joan Granger of Kent

Your Lawyers carried out my claim with great efficiency, they kept me informed all the time, they were always friendly and made me feel confident. You will be highly recommended. Thank you

Andrea Palmer of Wombourne

I have been extremely pleased with the service. I have had regular contact, updating me throughout the process.

Jayne Hibbert of Devon

I have always received superb service from every member of the company. I have been kept up to date with the case and feel that the advice given has always been of excellent quality. More importantly to me i feel that my thoughts/views have always been listened to. Thank you

Daveena Joseph of London

They have dealt with my claim in a wonderful manner and i am grateful for all the time that they have put in. Thank you

Colin Martin of Laurencekirk

I was kept informed at all stages with minimal work required by myself. All in all a very easy process.

Wayne Richardson of Plymouth

Brilliant advice and service. I would recommend your lawyers to others in any situation. Many thanks

Daniel Charles of London

I would recommend you lawyers to any one. I find your service effective.

Edwin Harwood of Liverpool

Good Communications

Daniel Willocks of London

My experience has been very good. I was kept very well informed about my claim at each stage, which i was happy about. Many thanks

Peter Sparshott of Cumbria

Were extremely helpful and gave all the advice which i required, and kept me up to date with all the required information.

Scott Salvadore of Bridgend

Very Helpful. Thanks

Paul Standing of Chichester

The service was excellent and had lots of help throughout the process. My case was handled swiftly and efficiently, and i was kept informed throughout by very courtious staff. Many Thanks

Dale Waterhouse of Sutton-in-Ashfield

This is the first time i have put an injury claim in. The advice i have been given throughout my claim has been good and very clear. Thank you

Rick Hammond of Wigan

Excellent! Got the job done with minimum fuss. I would definately recommend.