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Work accident claim guide

injury at work claim guide

The good news is that accidents within the workplace have decreased by over 50% in the last ten years according to a report issued by the HSE. However, despite Health & Safety legislation and companies undertaking risk assessments there were still over 629,000 workers involved in an accident at work during 2013/14.

If a person involved in an accident at work has been injured due to the negligence of another work colleague, faulty equipment, unsafe environment, dangerous materials, incorrect training, lack of personal protective equipment or a slip, trip or fall due to a hazard in the workplace then a right to pursue a claim for compensation can be made.

Most people don't realise that employers are governed by law and must have special insurance in place to help cover instances of unfortunate accidents happening in their workplace.

Its sometimes difficult to understand that you're not actually claiming against your employer but the insurance which is there for these eventualities happening. Unfortunately, some claims are never acted upon by the injured party against their employers either through fear or guilt or both.

In all circumstances its best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer if you have suffered an injury within the workplace. They'll discuss your case in great detail and let you know if you have valid case or not to claim compensation.

At The Injury Lawyers we take on accident at work claims on our genuine No Win No Fee agreement which guarantees you:

  • 100% of your compensation - with no deductions and no hidden charges
  • No costs for you to pay - this is the case whether you win or lose your claim, and this fact is reflected plainly in our no win, no fee agreement
  • High service standards - we have policies in place to return client calls and e-mails within 24 hours if not on the same day, and update our clients on the progress of their claim every 14 days
  • Medical care package - we are able to arrange private medical treatment at no cost to our clients

If you have suffered an accident within the workplace and are unsure of whether to make a compensation claim or not remember it's nothing personal and these days many employers actually encourage claims as they not only compensate you for your injuries and suffering but you'll be helping to protect another work colleague suffering a similar fate as yourself.

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