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Accident abroad claims

advice for accident abroad injury claims

It isn't easy finding a lawyer in the UK to help with your accident abroad claim. The Injury Lawyers have access to expert barristers that we can use to pursue your claim for an accident in another country.

Many law firms will shy away from even advising accident abroad victims about their rights when it comes to claiming compensation. There are a lot of complexities and issues to deal with because different laws apply in different countries, and UK law firms normally only have jurisdiction to commence court proceedings here in the UK.

Whether we can help or advise you totally depends on the circumstances of your accident abroad as well as a number of other factors, such as whether you were abroad on a package holiday, or whether you were working abroad when the accident happened.

Package holiday claims

If you were injured abroad and you were on a package holiday, you may be able to claim from the package provider using The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations. This important piece of legislation allows you to make a full claim for an accident abroad against a package provider such as Thomas Cook, Thomson, and Virgin Holidays, to name a few.

As long as your package falls within the definition of a package holiday according to the regulations, you can claim against the provider right here in the UK.

An accident abroad claim can be brought here in the UK using the Package Tour Regulations in the following circumstances:

  • The holiday must be sold as a package
  • The package must be made up of at least two or more components sold at an all inclusive price, which can include things like transport, accommodation, a tourist attraction, or event / excursion
  • Any injury sustained must be in relation to one of the components of the package - i.e. if the injury occurred at the hotel, the accommodation must have been inclusive in the package

The above is the very basic way of understanding whether you may have a claim under these regulations. We can assess this for you by reviewing any documentation you have, such as booking confirmation emails, to check if the regulations can apply.

Working abroad - Know your rights!

Are you employed by a UK employer and have been injured when working abroad in the course of your employment? If so, you may have the rights to bring your accident abroad claim under UK jurisdiction with a UK injury law firm like us.

This is because the UK workplace regulations can apply wherever you are sent to work. For this to apply, you must be employed by a firm here in the UK and you must have been injured whilst acting in the course of your employment for any realistic prospects of success to apply.

General accidents abroad claims

If neither of the above applies, don't write off your chances of making a claim just yet! Whilst you should always be prudent when it comes to understanding that foreign jurisdiction and foreign laws may apply to your case, we as an English law firm can still look to help you out.

It's best to seek advice as absolute matter of urgency. Whilst there is a three year time limit to claim for most cases here in England and Wales, there are much shorter timeframes to claim in foreign countries. Our aim may be to bring a claim under UK jurisdiction, but the last thing you want to do is fall foul to foreign laws and ruin your chances of being able to pursue an accident abroad case successfully.

We can take information from you and liaise with our expert barristers to see if we can bring your claim under UK jurisdiction. One important factor is this - if you we injured abroad but you live here in the UK and you are suffering a loss here in the UK, you may be able to bring the accident abroad case here. A 'loss' could be ongoing injuries that need treatment, ongoing lost earnings, or ongoing care and assistance.

Seeking the best advice

Claiming for injuries that happened abroad can be fraught with all sorts of difficulties and it is advisable for you to seek out experienced professional advice to help you deal with your claim. Many law firms will shy away from advising you about your accident abroad rights, and many law firms may try and hep you when they are not best equipped to do so.

Never leave it to chance - we represent many victims for accident abroad cases for package tour claims, workers compensation cases, and general accidents abroad.

What you should do next...

You can contact The Injury Lawyers and receive first hand expert advice regarding your Accident Abroad Claim by either filling out the forms on this page or by calling 0800 634 7575 and speak to a professional personal injury lawyer.

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