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How to make a whiplash claim!

advice on how to make a whiplash claim

Making a whiplash claim with The Injury Lawyers has never been easier - we take away the hassle and make the whole process straightforward.

Injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Are you suffering, or have you suffered, with a whiplash injury? Do you want to make a whiplash claim?

We make a whiplash claim easy and hassle free with our streamlined process and efficient way of working. With so many law firms out there to choose from it can be a real minefield when you're looking for the best personal injury law firm for you. Let us make it simple for you by outlining our unique way of working which saves you time AND money, and takes way the stress when you make a whiplash claim!

Here's how we make a whiplash claim; a simple claim:

1. You're dealing with a real law firm!

Did you know that loads of the websites and companies you'll come across are NOT actually real lawyers? Most of them are claims management companies and accident advice services who farm claims to lawyers which can delay the process and cost YOU more money. Even some of those companies who advertise themselves to be "real lawyers" are not at all real lawyers.

These guys are nothing more than middlemen who will often take a cut from your claim and delay the process of getting started with you make a whiplash claim. Coming to us cuts out these needless middlemen so you come straight to the source - to a law firm who can actually represent you for your whiplash claim.

We've never dealt with them because we don't believe in the practise of passing peoples details round for profit or inflating your costs through the use of middlemen - all of our clients come to us directly for their whiplash claim.

2. Rapid Whiplash Claims

Don't want to sift through a load of boring paperwork? That's fine with us!

Waiting days for the paperwork and then having to sift through stacks of documents, signing loads of forms, and filling in massive questionnaires, can just delay the whole start-up of the claim. Making a whiplash claim can be a real easy process - so why overcomplicate things?

This is why we have a unique online portal where you can access your case online, and we can take all the details from you over the phone in one simple call.

If you want to cut through the brass tax and get down to business right way, then we can do just that - in one call we can advise you in full about the funding arrangements, discuss the process, and take all the relevant information needed to submit the claim to the insurers.

One call and the job is done! If you want paperwork first, then we're more than happy to send it out of course. Once you're ready to proceed we'll sort it all out for you as soon as we can.

3. An easy process

The insurers in most cases only have 15 working days to accept fault. We can get a medical expert to see you at a private appointment right away, and we use a report they will then provide to us to value the case. Once we have an admission of fault and the medical evidence to hand, as well as details of your financial losses and expenses such as lost earnings, we can look to settle the whiplash claim for you.

Information is normally exchanged between us and the insurers using other online portals - its lightening fast and easy to correspond with them.

4. Fast tracking your Whiplash Claim

We'll do all we can to take the vital information and get the vital evidence we need from you and other parties as soon as we can when we make your whiplash claim. It isn't difficult to make your life easier by us doing all of the leg work. Many traditional law firms are not as efficient and don't have the facilities or expertise we have in representing compensation victims for whiplash injury claims.

You're in the best hands with us as a firm of expert injury lawyers with particular expertise in whiplash compensation claims. How you make a whiplash claim can be simple if you make it with The Injury Lawyers.

Whiplash injury payouts

Whilst the value of your whiplash injury is all about the individual suffering and the individual circumstances of your claim, we can give you some basic advice about payouts and brackets to be used as a general guideline:

  • Minor whiplash injury £750 to £4,000
  • Moderate whiplash injury £4,000 to £8,000
  • Severe whiplash injury £8,000 to £85,000

Most people will fit within the legal definition of a minor whiplash injury claims, and the statistical rough average payout is around £2,500 or so.

What to do next!

If you've suffered from a whiplash injury, contact us to see whether you may be eligible for making a claim.

The Injury Lawyers - the UK's leading injury lawyer specialists.

Need one of our expert claims team to call you back about a whiplash injury? Then please enter your name, telephone number you would like us to call you back on, the accident type and when you would like us to contact you in the form below.

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Your Lawyers carried out my claim with great efficiency, they kept me informed all the time, they were always friendly and made me feel confident. You will be highly recommended. Thank you

Andrea Palmer of Wombourne

I have been extremely pleased with the service. I have had regular contact, updating me throughout the process.

Jayne Hibbert of Devon

I have always received superb service from every member of the company. I have been kept up to date with the case and feel that the advice given has always been of excellent quality. More importantly to me i feel that my thoughts/views have always been listened to. Thank you

Daveena Joseph of London

They have dealt with my claim in a wonderful manner and i am grateful for all the time that they have put in. Thank you

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I was kept informed at all stages with minimal work required by myself. All in all a very easy process.

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Brilliant advice and service. I would recommend your lawyers to others in any situation. Many thanks

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I would recommend you lawyers to any one. I find your service effective.

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Good Communications

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My experience has been very good. I was kept very well informed about my claim at each stage, which i was happy about. Many thanks

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Were extremely helpful and gave all the advice which i required, and kept me up to date with all the required information.

Scott Salvadore of Bridgend

Very Helpful. Thanks

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The service was excellent and had lots of help throughout the process. My case was handled swiftly and efficiently, and i was kept informed throughout by very courtious staff. Many Thanks

Dale Waterhouse of Sutton-in-Ashfield

This is the first time i have put an injury claim in. The advice i have been given throughout my claim has been good and very clear. Thank you

Rick Hammond of Wigan

Excellent! Got the job done with minimum fuss. I would definately recommend.