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Making a work accident claim is easy - and you are protected by law when claiming for workers compensation.

There are loads of workplace rules and regulations that employers must abide by. Your employer must provide you with a safe work environment and adhere to many rules & regulations to ensure your safety within the workplace.

As every employer must stick to strict Health and Safety regulations to ensure your safety, it is likely that if you have suffered an accident at work, you could have a very strong claim for compensation.

Work compensation claims - Know your rights!

Under UK Law all employers are required to have adequate insurance cover in the unfortunate event of an accident at work happening. It is your basic human right to be able to safely and freely make a work accident claim when you are entitled to do so.

Any employer that is found to be threatening in any way to an employee while making a work accident claim can be heavily fined or even jailed. In any event, most workplace compensation claims will be met by the employer's insurers.

Making a work accident claim is a normal, natural, and common thing to do. All you are doing is claiming compensation from the insurance that exists for the whole purpose of claiming from. It's really not that different from claiming off your contents insurance if your house gets burgled. So don't worry about feeling bad if you need to sue your employer. The process can be very amicable and is normally sorted out between us and the insurers directly.

It's worth telling you that many employers these days will actually encourage you to make a claim. It's nothing personal - you're just recuperating your losses from the insurance that covers you. We get many calls from accident victims where their employers have told them to call us and put in a work accident claim.

You really shouldn't have anything to worry about.

There are many circumstances where you can claim for an accident at work. Common examples are:

  • Slips, trips and falls in the workplace
  • Faulty or unsuitable work equipment accidents
  • Dangerous working practices within the workplace
  • Exposure to dangerous materials within the workplace
  • Lack of, or no provision, of personal protective equipment (like hard hats or boots)
  • Failure to provide correct training
  • Heavy lifting and other manual handling injures
  • Actions of negligent work colleagues

Settling your work accident claim the smart way

The process can be very simple, and your rights to make a successful claim can make it easy to win compensation for a work accident. But you still need to be vigilant to make sure that you make a work accident claim the right way by instructing a specialist firm of work accident solicitors like us.

There are many injury lawyers to choose from, and it can be a minefield when trying to find the right lawyer that you want to help you. So take our advice as The Injury Lawyers seriously, because we know what we're talking about when it comes to making a work accident claim.

The insurance that your employer should have can cover you for a lot of things. Examples of the most common things are:

  • Compensation for the pain, suffering, and inconvenience caused
  • Money for lost earnings from time off work
  • Medication expenses
  • Travel expenses to and from appointments
  • Private medical treatment

The private medical treatment can be a very important one. Many people do not know that they can get medical help privately and recover the costs for this directly from the insurers as part of the claim.

When you are the innocent victim of a work accident that was not your fault, its only right that you should be able to get the treatment as quickly as possible to help you to recover as soon as you can. That's why we can access thousands of treatment providers throughout the UK and fund the cost of their charges for you. We can then recover these costs back from the insurers as part of your claim.

The process to start your claim is normally very simple - for many work accident claims we submit an electronic claim form either directly to your employer or to their insurers. Most companies have been sued loads of times, so there is a set procedure in place for dealing with the insurers, and they know what to do to get the work accident claim moving forward as efficiently as possible.

We can get a case set up and submitted in one simple phone call - call us now on 0800 634 7575 or enter your name, the telephone number you would like us to call you back on, the accident type and when you would like us to contact you in the form below.

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