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Claim for wrong dental extractions

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When we see our dentist we expect a level of care and professionalism so we feel assured that we are in the right and capable hands.

Unfortunately mistakes do happen – and when it comes to dentists incorrectly extracting teeth you have the right to make a claim for dental injury compensation for the loss and inconvenience suffered.

How do I know I have had a negligent dental extraction?

It may be clear if you have literally had the wrong tooth removed by mistake. If you were due to have a particular molar removed but ended up with a canine being taken by mistake then you should have a very strong case for compensation. This applies where the wrong tooth from the wrong side of your mouth is taken which is an easy (although inexcusable) mistake to make.

More commonly, a negligent dental extraction can occur when a dentist has removed a tooth when it didn’t need removing at all. It may seem surprising that this can happen but we have seen many instances where dentists have recommended and undertaken extractions which were entirely unnecessary.

You may not know right away that your tooth didn’t need removing in the first place as it may take a second opinion from another dentist. It’s a difficult area of law to investigate because we have had cases where people haven’t known for decades that their extraction wasn’t necessary at all. Unfortunately there are dentists out there who would rather just remove a tooth than actually help you to solve the problem. It’s a horrifying thought that this kind of practise takes place, but sadly it does.

We can access your medical records and use evidence from a privately instructed dental expert to prove where you have been the victim of a wrong dental extraction.

How can an incorrect dental extraction happen?

Reported cases where the wrong tooth has been extracted or where a tooth shouldn’t have been extracted in the first place are commonly caused by:

  • Dentists making a literal but severe mistake of simply removing the incorrect tooth
  • Dentists misreading charts, medical records, or referral letters
  • Failure to extract the correct tooth that is causing the problem (i.e. inadvertently removing the tooth next to the one with the problem because of the belief it is the one they have removed that is causing the problem)
  • Dentists not receiving adequate consent to extract the tooth
  • Unnecessary extractions when other courses of action could have saved the tooth

In recent years negligent dental extractions have been on the rise

It’s worrying to know that cases of alleged incorrect dental extractions have seen a sharp rise in recent years according to figures from the organisations who investigate such cases. Reports from the Dental Defence Union have seen the number of cases triple in short period of time over the last decade.

You can make a claim for the unnecessary suffering of having the tooth removed and having further teeth removed where the incorrect one was not removed. Any dental work you require, which could run in to thousands of pounds, can be included as part of the claim.

You are entitled to the best private treatment to make sure that your mouth is as comfortable and aesthetically nice as it was before the tooth was wrongfully removed.

Our dental law experts are here to help you!

It’s important to seek the right legal advice if you believe that you have been the victim of a wrongful dental extraction. We have represented victims who have suffered as a result of unnecessary and incorrect tooth extractions and our dental negligence lawyers can fund your claim on a no win, no fee basis for you.

Never suffer in silence – we are a law firm who can advise and represent you on a no win, no fee basis and the solicitor with conduct of your case has specialist experience in fighting for the rights of dental negligence victims.

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