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Dental crown compensation claims

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The dental crown is a longstanding tried and tested method for the treatment of extensive tooth damage and decay.

The crown can be fitted over the remains of the bad tooth after it is shaved and cut down to create a peg for the core of the crown to be fitted over.

It takes a great deal of skill to create a good crown and there are a lot of things that can go wrong when a crown is not performed correctly. As specialist lawyers with expertise in dental injury claims, we have seen our fair share of things that have gone wrong that are entirely preventable and should never have happened.

Are you the victim of a dental crown gone wrong?

A poorly fitted crown is the most common form of dental negligence involving failure of crowns. When they are done right they can be fantastic both aesthetically and for your oral health; but when they go wrong you could be faced with a lot of suffering and pain for a long period of time, as well as expensive work needing to be done to correct the problems.

Here are some of the things that can go wrong that can be caused by the dentist:

  • Poor fit of the crown leading to recurrent loosening and falling out of the crown, as well as sensitivity and decay
  • Fractures or weakening of the core when fitting the post or peg for the crown
  • Crowns not being cemented adequately
  • Posts being too long or not being strong enough
  • Poor preparation of the peg or the core for the crown
  • Decay of the supporting tooth
  • Gaps or edges which can often be dark which may be caused by poorly fitted crowns where the underlying metal is exposed
  • Bad shape leading to problems with the bite and jaw – the crown could be too short or too long, for example
  • Incorrect colour of the crown- dentists should check this with you prior to fixing the crown in place
  • Over contoured crown which can lead to swelling, gum disease, and decay in the surrounding area – as well as failing of the crown itself
  • Crown is too tight or not tight enough
  • Poor, or lack of, follow up advice and appointments

When crowns go wrong, you may be faced with significant problems

It can take a lot of work to rectify a failed crown which may involve root canal treatment. The costs and consequences can be huge and you may be left with long term pain and problems.

You are entitled to make a claim for dental injury compensation if your crown has not been fitted correctly or if it has failed due to poor dentistry work. You can claim for the pain and additional suffering and inconvenience caused, as well as the cost of any treatment and work you need doing to correct the problem.

Even if the corrective work runs in to thousands of pounds you are entitled to have it either funded or recovered as part of the claim. We have access to private treatment providers and we can try and agree funding plans so that you don’t have to pay out any costs upfront which could be very expensive indeed.

What can I do if my crown has failed because of my dentist?

You are entitled to make a dental crown compensation claim and our expert dental negligence lawyers are here to help you.

With decades of experience and millions of pounds in compensation obtained for our clients, our dental law experts are here to fight your corner and make sure you get access to the justice you deserve. If we win the claim we will make sure that any compensation you receive is the highest amount we can negotiate for you as possible. It’s a fact that we spend more of our own time in making sure you get the very best settlement so you don’t have to settle for the average or the minimum.

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