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Uninsured, drunk driver and hit & run claims

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We can still help you with a claim - even if the driver at fault is uninsured, drunk, or flees the scene.

There are some road accidents that add extra worry and stress to the victim of a crash. Top examples of these are where the other driver may have been drunk behind the wheel, has no car insurance, or sped off from the scene of the accident.

In these types of cases you might think it is difficult to make a claim for your car repairs or recover damages for any injury you may have received. It is always advisable if you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, a driver who has no insurance or refuses to hand over their insurance details, or a driver that drives away from the scene of the accident, to report the accident details to the Police as soon as you possibly can. If you didn't call them at the scene then follow it up right away.

Reporting it to the police can actually affect whether you can make a claim, so make sure you do it immediately if you haven't done so already, and make sure it is formally reported. If you have a crime reference number, that helps a lot.

Whilst the extra stress and worry of being in such an accident can be a real burden, the good news is that you should still be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Drunk driver claims

If the driver was drunk behind the wheel then their insurance should still cover them if they were insured. Whilst most insurance does have conditions in it about not covering you if you are drunk at the wheel, we can force insurers to cover the case. It wouldn't be easy at all for the insurers to try and get out of paying you because their driver decided to drink and drive.

At the end of the day it isn't your fault that a drunk driver has negligently caused injury to you! If they have valid insurance then we should be able to claim from it. And let's face facts - they're going to have a pretty tough time trying to defend themselves if they chose to be reckless and get behind the wheel of a vehicle when over the limit!

Your chances of winning the claim should be strong so long as the accident wasn't your fault.

Untraced and uninsured drivers - Motor Insurers Bureau claims

All is not lost if the driver was uninsured or fled the scene and cannot be traced. The Injury Lawyers can help process your claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). The MIB - not to be confused with the Men In Black! - is an independent not-for-profit organisation that has an agreement with the government to compensate victims of negligent untraced and uninsured drivers.

They are funded through all car insurance premiums - basically a small proportion of the premium you pay for your vehicle insurance goes toward funding the MIB. So all legit car owners that pay insurance actually fund the MIB through their insurance premium payments. So if you are the victim of an untraced or uninsured motorist you can tap in to the fund that is there for you to claim from.

All you need to do to gain access to the compensation that you deserve is contact us for free legal advice about your chances of winning the claim. Whilst the process can take a little while longer for untraced ad uninsured accident claims, you are entitled to recover the same amount of personal injury compensation you should have been able to obtain from an insurance company.

How The Injury Lawyers can help you!

By allowing The Injury Lawyers to help process your claim you have the backing of a professional company that will fight for your right to receive compensation for damages and injuries you received for something that you were not at fault for.

Use any of the contact forms on this page or call our claims team on 0800 634 7575 to find out more about claiming compensation against an uninsured, drunk or hit and run driver.

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