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Dental bridge compensation claims

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A dental bridge is a great way of improving the look of your mouth and your oral health.

As a far more permanent and comfortable alternative to dentures and false teeth, a dental bridge is a procedure that’s been growing in popularity for many years now.

But bridges certainly don’t come without their risks and problems associated with poor dental work that can leave you in a worse position then when you started.

What can go wrong with a dental bridge?

When fitted badly you may suffer from long term and repeated problems. A dental bridge can fail due to dental negligence for many reasons, such as:

  • The bridge repeatedly coming loose and falling off caused by a poorly measured and / or fitted bridge
  • The teeth supporting the bridge being damaged or fractured due to the fitting of the bridge
  • Decay on the supporting teeth either being caused by the bridge, or from this not being considered when fitting the bridge where it is pre-existent
  • The supporting teeth or bone not being strong enough to hold the bridge and the dentist failing to consider this
  • A permanent denture being fitted prematurely following tooth extraction – the gum needs to heal and can usually take around six months before a permanent bridge should be fitted
  • Allergic reactions to the material of the bridge which is not considered
  • The wrong colour or poor shape of bridge being used – dentists should check this with you prior to fixing the bridge in place
  • Poor or lack of advice about the aftercare concerning your bridge
  • Poor or lack of advice and follow up treatment and care for the bridge to ensure it has been successful

There are a lot of factors that a dentist should consider when opting to fit you with a bridge. Where these factors are not properly considered, or where bridges are not correctly fitted, you may have a claim for dental bridge compensation.

What can I do if my bridge has gone wrong?

You are entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have had to endure as well as for the cost of correcting the problem.

Bridges with the NHS can cost hundreds of pounds, but if things do go wrong, the extent of the treatment may lead to you needing thousands of pounds of dental work carrying out. If this is the case then you are entitled to include the costs of this work as part of the claim. Whether we arrange for this to be directly funded by the other side, or where you have already paid this out, you are entitled to claim for it.

You may end up needing more teeth removed and more extensive work to correct the growing complications of the problem as well which is something we take in to account.

How do I know if my dental bridge has not been done correctly?

If you have had problems then you should seek advice and ask why your bridge has failed. If it is because of poor work then you have the right to make a claim; although this may not be made clear to you. As such it may be beneficial for you to seek an alternative opinion to the one from the dentist who fitted your bridge.

We can access your medical records and instruct a private medico-legal expert with specialist dental knowledge to provide a report for us. We normally use expert reports to prove that you have been the victim of negligence and to show the extent and severity of your suffering and loss for the purposes of valuing your claim for dental injury.

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