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We are THE Injury Lawyers for a very good reason!

We are not called The Injury Lawyers for the fun of it - we're called The Injury Lawyers because we are just that; THE Injury Lawyers. We're a firm of personal injury claim specialists who only ever represent victims for personal injury claims.

We don't deal with any other types of law like other law firms do so you get a specialist service from an expert lawyer. Not only that, but we are an ACTUAL personal injury claims law firm; not some middleman claims management company or accident advice service like loads of the other websites out there are.

So as personal injury claim specialists, how do we give you a BETTER experience?

Expert personal injury claims knowledge

Our experience in dealing ONLY with personal injury claims mean that we can offer a bespoke service having successfully represented thousands of injured victims for many years. As a niche law firm who only deal with personal injury claims, all that we do - each and every day, and all of the time - is fight for our client's rights to win their personal injury claim.

That means that making your personal injury claim with The Injury Lawyers is getting the experts to fight for the maximum payout possible in the shortest possible time. We're efficient and we have a very streamlined way of working which is borne out of our many years of dealing solely with personal injury claims and wining so many cases.

We fight for the maximum compensation payouts only

Other firms don't think outside of the box like we do. Just because an offer we receive is a 'good enough' offer doesn't mean we should accept it. When we think we can fight for more, that's exactly what we will do! We don't accept standard offers just because they are 'good enough' and fit in line with the official brackets - we use our expertise to know how to fight for more.

That's what we call going the extra mile!

We always make sure to maximise your losses and expenses claim, known as Special Damages, which covers things like lost earnings, medical expenses, and care and assistance claims. Some law firms will actively not recover such things as they see it as an extra burden on them to deal with!

We think that's crazy!

You deserve to be fully compensated, and we'll leave no stone unturned to make sure that happens.

Insurance companies LOVE to try and fight you to stop them from having to pay out. If they think that they can get away without paying to save themselves some money, they will.

But even in the hardest of cases when the insurers have a load of evidence and even the law on their side, we can still fight them for you. Because of our many years of experience in representing people for personal injury claims, we have built up strong relationships with barristers across the country - including senior barristers and Queens Counsellor's. These guys have serious experience in fighting for clients at court and we have access to their unique skills and experience to help you win your case.

Genuine no win, no fee personal injury claims

A genuine No Win, No Fee can mean that you really don't pay anything - not a single penny - if the case loses. For cases we take on using our genuine no win, no fee agreement, we can assure you that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Some law firms will have upfront charges. Some will still want money from you during or at the end of the claim even if it doesn't win. This is not the principle of a no win, no fee agreement at all!

So trust in the experts in personal injury claims who really can offer you a no win, no fee that clearly assures you in black and white that we can write off our legal fees if the case doesn't succeed.

Saving You Money

Most law firms will take at least 25% from your payout to cover their Success Fee. Many will charge you additional percentages that can leave you with total deductions of up to 45% in some cases.

Many law firms will ask for upfront payments for insurance, or at least ask this to be deducted from your claim as well as the inflated percentage being taken. Some may have administration fees or other additional costs, and it can leave you with a lot less than you should receive by the time the claim settles.

We think that's nuts - as well as being totally confusing!

So we say this: keep things simple with The Injury Lawyers because we don't have to take 25% from you, and we don't have these additional percentages, hidden fees, or fixed charges for insurance. We keep things nice and simple so you know exactly where you stand.

Contact THE Injury Lawyers - Personal injury claim specialists

Need our help and advice? You have loads of options for contacting us on our pages. You can fill in any of the call back forms, email us, or start a chat with us using the live chat facility at the bottom right of your screen.

You'll be pleased to know that when you contact us, you'll speak to the real deal - there are no call centres or outsourced consultants. We are a real firm of specialist personal injury lawyers and its us that actually advise and represent you during the claim process.

You can also call our personal injury claims helpline on 0800 634 7575.

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