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Guide to making a whiplash claim

whiplash claim guide

The roads and motorways of the UK are straining to cope with the amount of traffic that relentlessly drives on the tarmac each and everyday. Cities and towns become gridlocked every rush hour. It's no secret that with more cars on our roads then chances of a road traffic accident happening becomes greater.

Last year there was 146,322 road traffic accidents reported to the Police in the UK with the number of people seriously injured due to a road accident was up by 5% on the previous year according to Government figures (source).

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, whether as a driver, passenger or pedestrian then there is a good chance that you may be suffering from symptoms of whiplash.

If you are thinking about seeking compensation for a whiplash injury then read our helpful guide to making a whiplash claim...

The symptoms

Most whiplash victims claim to suffer from pain around the neck, shoulders or back regions of the body. The pain can be mild at first and quickly develops into more serious and severe pain sometimes leaving a person immobile.

See a medical professional

In every road accident make sure the correct authorities have been called. Inform the Police in every case and if anyone has suffered an injury call an Ambulance and get it checked out. Sometimes whiplash can take effect a few days after the road accident has happened.

Get yourself a good injury lawyer

If you were the innocent party of the road accident then getting the advice from a respected personal injury lawyer is advisory. Even if the other driver was uninsured or un-traced you can still claim compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).

Time to claim

In the majority of cases, a claim must be made within three years from when the accident occurred. The average payout for a whiplash compensation claim is between £1,000 to £2,750 with severe cases going up to a maximum £97,500.

The following can also be claimed for at no extra cost to you:

  • Recovery of your vehicle
  • Your Vehicle Repairs
  • Your uninsured loss recovery (including loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses
  • A replacement hire vehicle
  • Insurance claim notification on your behalf
  • Recover your compensation for any injury that you have sustained

For an accurate evaluation speak to The Injury Lawyers - every whiplash claim case is different and that is why we urge you to talk with a specialist to get an accurate figure as to what your whiplash claim might be worth.

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