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Accident in a Supermarket? What to do next!

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Supermarkets! They've become an integral part of our life. We rely on them for our groceries and to an extent we can purchase electrical goods, clothes and if we've got the time, sit down for a meal in their cafeteria before, during or after our shop.

But with the rise of the supermarket also comes the risk of an accident happening within a supermarket each time we step through their doors.

With so much going-on under one roof, spillages on the floor are unavoidable. Slips and trip accidents within a supermarket is quite a common claim which we deal with daily here at The Injury Lawyers.

The maths is rather simple... Aisles of loose goods on shelves + plenty of hands-on shoppers = spilled items on the supermarket floor.

If a spilled substance has not been cleaned-up, or not properly cleaned-up, then it becomes a slipping hazard in an area with a constant stream of shoppers on the move.

Now, a supermarket has a duty of care to its shoppers, which means the onus is on them to make sure spillages or any other hazards like packaging are dealt with promptly and cleared away. If a spill has happened and the floor is mopped down then signs should be erected informing you, the shopper, that the floor has just been cleaned and may still be wet.

If you are ever injured in a supermarket from a slip, trip or fall, here are a few pointers on what you should do next if you want to claim compensation...

  • Make sure that a manager or head of staff is contacted and the incident is reported in their accident book
  • If you can, get names and contact numbers of people who witnessed the accident
  • If its possible, take pictures of the accident scene - you camera phone is rather handy for taking photographic evidence
  • Get a your injury examined by your GP or Hospital and once again take pictures of the injured area to help with your evidence
  • Ask the supermarket in question if they have any CCTV of the incident
  • Contact a good personal injury lawyer, like ourselves, who will run your claim under our genuine No Win, No Fee agreement - we will also inform and help you with other aspects of your claim

Making a supermarket accident claim

If you have suffered an injury from a slip, trip or a fall within a supermarket, then there is a good chance you may have a claim for compensation and by following the above pointers it will help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

You can start by calling our claims team on 0800 634 7575 or filling out our call back form below and receive expert legal advice on how to proceed.

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