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Free expert legal advice for whiplash compensation

whiplash compensation advice

STOP - read this advice now to make sure you access real expert legal advice and avoid the pretenders out there!

With so many firms out there who advertise themselves to be whiplash experts, you need to be careful who you speak to. A lot of the firms out there are not actually real lawyers - they are nothing more than middlemen claims management companies and accident advice services.

Most of the big names who advertise on the telly are not real lawyers - even those who claim to be "real lawyers" are just claims farmers!

So the first thing you need to know about getting free expert legal advice for whiplash compensation is to make sure you speak to the real deal - us!

Real expert legal advice for whiplash compensation

We are a REAL law firm with many years of experience in fighting for the rights of whiplash compensation victims just like you. We're entirely independent which means we're not tied to any insurer or claims management company, so we can focus all of our energy and money for the case on what matters the most - YOU.

That means that when you speak to us, you really are getting free expert legal advice, because we are a specialist expert injury law firm. If you speak to a middleman claims company then you are speaking to what they often call 'trained advisors' - but they are still not the real deal. They will normally have to pass your details across to a law firm (or many firms which they will often do) for a solicitor to then decide whether the claim can be taken on.

Who wants their information shared between loads of law firms that you have never spoken to or chosen yourself!? Giving information to claims management companies can leave you being hassled for months or even years from law firms and other companies who have shared your information. That's not free legal advice at all - that's a nightmare!

How we can help you make a whiplash compensation claim?

If you have suffered whiplash in an accident that you were not at fault for, you could be entitled to make a whiplash compensation claim.

If you contact us we can normally tell you in minutes whether we think you have a valid whiplash compensation claim. If we can help you then you don't need to worry about being passed around to other firms because we, as a real and reputable whiplash claims law firm, can actually represent you for the case. We don't just advise you - we make the claim for you too.

We specialise in whiplash claims and have done for many years. We have represented thousand of whiplash victims in our many years of helping people claim the compensation they deserve. This means that we are experts in the field of whiplash injury claims.

Making a whiplash claim with The Injury Lawyers couldn't be easier - we can take all the information we need over the phone and we submit your claim form electronically to the insurers on the very same day you instruct us if you want us to. We take out the hassle and stress of claiming and keep it simple and efficient so you can enjoy a hassle free service and your case resolved in the quickest time possible.

The ONLY way to guarantee the maximum payout possible is to have an independent expert whiplash lawyer represent you for the case. Going through middlemen can cost you a lot of money and time. You could be charged more, get lumbered with a lawyer you haven't chosen who is only interested in a cheap settlement, and end up with a poor service.

Whiplash compensation amounts

Whilst the value of your whiplash compensation is determined by the individual suffering and circumstances of your claim, we can give you some basic advice about payouts and brackets to be used as a general guideline:

  • Whiplash compensation where recovery is a few weeks to a month: £1,000 - £1,500
  • Minor compensation where recovery is within two years or so: up to £5,000
  • Moderate whiplash compensation: up to £15,000

Most people will fit within the legal definition of a minor whiplash compensation claim, and the statistical rough average payout is around £2,500 or so.

Our advice is FREE

You can call us now on 0800 634 7575 for free legal advice about making a whiplash compensation claim.

In one call The Injury Lawyers can give you expert legal advice and even get the ball rolling for the case if you want us to do so.

Need one of our expert claims team to call you back about a whiplash injury? Then please enter your name, the telephone number you would like us to call you back on, the accident type and when you would like us to contact you in the form below.

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