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Buttock Implants / Augmentation Compensation Claims

buttock surgery compensation claimsThese days if you do not like something about your body and how you look, there is normally always a cosmetic procedure that can help. Although not one of the most advertised procedures, buttock augmentations is a procedure that is increasing in popularity with people yearning for a derrière to rival Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

Buttock augmentation is incredibly similar to a breast augmentation – the obvious difference being that it is a different part of the body. The procedure involves implants (similar to those used in breast augmentation) being placed underneath the gluteus maximus muscle through an incision just above the tailbone. The procedure can often last around 2 hours but after care can be much more demanding than with breast surgery with guidelines concerning sleeping on your front and reducing the amount of time sitting during the first few weeks.

Just like other cosmetic procedures, the decision to go under the knife for buttock implants should never be one that is taken lightly as unfortunately things can go wrong and consequently you could suffer from long term health effects.

One of the main problems is caused when the implants are inserted on top of the muscle rather than underneath. This can lead to the implants to be clearly seen by the naked eye and in the more extreme cases the implants can be manipulated and moved around inside the buttock creating a type of “headlight” appearance. This of course if far from the desired look and can have adverse health effects such as the pain often associated post-op being everlasting. It also means that another operation is required to have the implants removed and replaced.  Therefore, you may wish to make a claim to help with the cost and further pain and suffering of a further operation. You are also entitled to claim for any further losses such as loss of earnings and care and assistance that the initial negligence has now caused.

Another concern with this type of surgery is that, although it is similar to breast surgery, the implants are different. Unfortunately, some surgeons have been reported to use breast implants during buttock augmentation which as you can imagine just simply does not look right. Arguably, the shape of a breast and a bum cheek are at different ends of the spectrum and therefore the implants used should be ones specifically manufactured for use in buttock augmentation. Another key problem that is specific to the implants is that the correct size should always be used for your particular body as if the wrong size is used this can lead to complications and again, further surgery.

Here at The Injury Lawyers, we understand that when cosmetic surgery goes wrong it can be an incredibly upsetting and distressing time. Many people who undergo these procedures do so for very personal reasons and therefore to suffer from a negligent mistake should not get left to be “swept under the rug”.  We can seek compensation for the pain and suffering caused (including psychological effects) and also any losses caused by the negligence.

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