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Eye injuries at work – claiming compensation

eye injuries at work

You could be eligible to claim compensation for eye injuries at work. We may be able to offer legal representation on a No Win, No Fee basis when you pursue a case with us.

Read on for some advice, but make sure to contact us for free, no-obligation legal help about starting a claim for compensation here now.

Claiming compensation for eye injuries at work

Victims who suffer eye injuries at work could be eligible to claim compensation if the problem has arisen from negligence on the part of their employer. Health and safety regulations in the workplace are incredibly strict and cover plenty, from basic risk assessments to making sure that equipment is maintained and in good working order. The legislation also covers things such as working at height and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In many manufacturing environments, there could be many circumstances in which machinery or problems could cause eye injuries due to propelled material or contact with dangerous substances or materials. It is vital that risk assessments identify those kinds of problems to make sure that employees are protected at all times to prevent injuries from occurring.

If an injury occurs, where we can prove that there has been a breach of health and safety legislation, that is when an employee could be eligible to pursue compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis. Anyone injured in those circumstances can contact us for free, no-obligation legal advice about starting a claim for compensation here now.

The need to instruct Specialist Serious Injury Lawyers

Incidents involving eye injuries at work often lead to serious injuries, whether there is a loss of vision or partial loss of vision or, as in some cases, loss of an eye completely. Such injuries can leave the victim with significant and permanent problems that must be addressed as part of a claim for compensation.

Because of that, a case of this nature requires the particular expertise of specialist serious injury lawyers, which is exactly what we are. When it comes to personal injury matters, that is what we focus on: the serious and catastrophic injury claims. A lot of the cases that we take forward involve those kinds of elements. As such, we have a very experienced team working on these kinds of cases to make sure that our clients can get the best justice possible for whatever it is that has happened to them.

Recent HSE prosecution

There was a recent terrible story that the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) published in respect of a prosecution for eye injuries at work.

In that particular matter, an organisation was fined £1m after an employee lost an eye in 2019. It is understood that the employee in question was attempting to resolve a machine issue with a crane and a hook being used. Unfortunately, part of the crane came into contact with a spinning reel which resulted in the hook violently striking the employee in the face. He suffered horrendous injuries including the loss of one eye as well as multiple fractures and several lost teeth.

In its publication, the HSE said that it found that the company had failed to carry out suitable risk assessments to identify potential hazards posed by the issues with the machine. There was also reportedly a failure in respect of information and instruction for employees about what to do for such issues arising, and risk assessments were said to have been inadequate.

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