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Pursue a brain injury claim for compensation

brain injury claim

Pursuing a brain injury claim for personal injury compensation requires the particular expertise of a Specialist Serious Injury Law Firm working for you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

This is the exact service that we can offer, so the first step is to talk to us about how we can help you. Contact our team for free, no-obligation legal help here now.

Making a brain injury claim for personal injury compensation

Making a brain injury claim for personal injury compensation is a really serious matter, which goes without saying. This kind of problem can leave a claimant with serious and long-term issues for the rest of their life, so we need to make sure that we can recover compensation to reflect the extent and severity of any suffering endured. We also need to make sure that a claimant can recover damages for losses and expenses, which may include lost earnings for time off work for the rest of their life. Expenses claims could include private treatment and care and assistance claims as there may be the requirement for round-the-clock help.

That part of the case is known as Special Damages and can actually be the part of a claim that makes up the majority of the damages. Putting a figure on the actual pain, suffering and loss of amenity for a brain injury claim can be difficult, as it is all about the actual suffering that the person will endure. It is difficult to quantify, but we can use official guidelines as well as expert medical evidence to help. But, in respect of the loss of opportunity and the requirement for help and assistance, that Special Damages claim for losses and expenses is really important. That is where claims can easily reach into the millions of pounds mark as a result of making sure that an injured accident victim is looked after for the rest of their life.

The first place to start to find out if we can help you is to contact our team for free, no-obligation legal advice here now.

The need for Specialist Serious Injury Lawyers

When it comes to pursuing a brain injury claim for personal injury compensation, it is absolutely essential to instruct Specialist Serious Injury Lawyers. As our name confirms, we are The Injury Lawyers, and our specialty is in catastrophic injury compensation claims.

Over the last few years, the vast majority of claims that we have focused on for personal injury matters have involved serious injuries.  This means that we built a team with a considerable amount of experience in helping people with serious injuries.

Instructing a Specialist Serious Injury Lawyer should mean that you can maximise any damages award and make sure that you have an experienced team that is part of the vital support network to look after the injured victim. Instructing a generic personal injury lawyer that is more used to dealing with low-value claims may mean that there is a lack of experience in making sure that all avenues are pursued in respect of helping the injured victim.

Talk to us today for free, no-obligation help

You can talk to us today for free, no-obligation legal help about pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation whether for yourself or on behalf of a loved one you are inquiring for.

We can usually tell you quickly if your case is one that we can take forward for you. Serious injuries require a dedicated Serious Injury Claims Team who can help you every step of the way to making sure that we can get your claim lifted off the ground and settled in the best way possible, as well as making sure that the injured victim is looked after as much as possible.

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