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Road Traffic Accident Compensation Lawyers

Claiming for injury compensation from road traffic accidents is dead easy; especially since a new system was introduced in April 2010 which made the process faster and less complicated. 

Nowadays you can get the other side to admit liability in 3 or so weeks and once that’s done it’s just a matter of getting medical evidence and settling your claim which doesn’t take that long either.

The first stage of the new process is to submit a Claim Notification Form.  This a simple form which just details what happened in your accident and names the people and vehicles involved.  It gets submitted online via the Ministry of Justice portal and the Defendant then has just 1 business day to acknowledge it and then a further 15 business days to admit or deny liability. 

Under the old system this could take 4 months, now it takes 3 weeks!  This is massive difference which means that you can get your compensation faster.  Once liability is admitted it is just a matter of your injury lawyer arranging a medical appointment at a time and place convenient for yourself so that your injuries can be linked to the accident and we can see how long you will be suffering for.  If you are happy with the report this will be sent to the Defendant and your injury lawyer can try and settle your claim without the need to go to court (truly a last resort!).

The best thing you can do to make sure you get an expert injury lawyer on your side who will fight tooth and nail for the maximum compensation you deserve.  Make sure that they will do all the work for you and that you will definitely get to keep 100% of your compensation.  You should also see if they can help you out with some private medical treatment so that you can get on the road to recovery and get over your injury sooner.

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