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Accidents on Private Land

We all know that trespassing on someone else’s property without their permission is against the law and if caught can face prosecution. However, with that in mind, some of us still proceed to do so. Maybe we’re doing it for a laugh and don’t think we’ll get caught or maybe we’re not aware that we are trespassing at the time.

Usually when someone wants people to stay off their land they will fence it off or display signs, warning that anyone caught trespassing will be prosecuted. However this isn’t always the case and it may not be until after gaining access to the land that we realise we are actually trespassing.

If the police or owner of the land catch anyone on there, that shouldn’t be, they will be escorted off the land, and may even face a fine or imprisonment, if this is a regular occurrence. What happens if you become injured whilst on private property? When talking about private property in this instance we mean land owned by an individual.

If you do become injured on private property and you say it wasn’t your fault it is up to you to provide a reason for your presence in being there for a court to decide whether or not you were negligent. Although some accidents are not the fault of the person injured, in some cases a court will see that they have contributed to their injuries, and look at their claim based on this.

In the instance that you become injured whilst trespassing on private land it is unlikely that you will be able to make a claim. The court will see that you were somewhere that you had no right or permission to be; therefore the negligence of the accident was shown on your behalf. However if you were working on private land at the time of the accident or had a right to be there then you may be able to make an injury compensation claim.

In the instance that you do become involved in an accident whilst on private land owned by an individual you should make them aware of the accident you have been involved in and seek medical attention to have any possible injuries assessed. What caused your accident is a huge factor in whether or not you can make an injury compensation claim so it is a good idea you seek legal advice prior to making a possible claim.

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