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Hair Dye – Is It Worth It?

A lot of people don’t realise this, but certain regulations have to be followed in relation to hair colouring. People may think, “oh everyone gets their hair coloured, it won’t fall out it’ll be fine”. This could be the reason so many women unfortunately end up looking like this unfortunate lady (right).

As reported in the Re’Voil Hair & Beauty News Blog, the woman (in the picture) was immediately rushed to hospital as she was left temporary blind after a severe allergic reaction to hair dye. That’s right, this woman’s blindness was caused by hair dye!

Even more shockingly this woman also did carry out the 48 hour skin test a few days prior to this incident and had no reaction which led her to believe that this product was safe to use.

The lady said “the worst part was when my scalp started to weep”!! Luckily she was given a seven day dose of steroids and anti-histamines and has made a full recovery.

In this instance, Paula surprisingly didn’t want to make a claim against Clairol but should you be the victim of a severe reaction like this or even a minor reaction or some form of injury which has been caused by a product which clearly shouldn’t have happened, then you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

Should this happen, you may wish to consider speaking with an independent firm of solicitors to discuss your potential claim for compensation, a personal injury solicitor will be able to discuss with you the aspects of your claim.

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