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Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone in to motorbikes? Or anyone in to music at all? If you are, then this article may be of interest to you. According to sources from The Guardian, songwriter and producer Daniel Lanois has been injured in a motorcycle accident, and is reportedly in intensive care in Los Angeles (source).

Lanois is well known for his works with UK rock legends U2, as well as having worked alongside the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. The accident earlier this month has been described as serious, with several of upcoming tour dates cancelled due to the severity of his injuries.

Road traffic accidents are common enough; but accidents involving motorcycles often easily occur -and the injuries sustained by the rider are usually always quite severe. We drivers know well enough the importance of checking roads we are merging on to (look, look, and then look again; and again for good measure!), checking our blind spots when switching lanes or overtaking, and looking out in general for motorcyclists on the road. They are harder to spot – so we must take extra care in looking out for them. We have all surely seen the Think Bike adverts on the TV – for me, they really hit home!

As stated above, the injuries involved for the motorcyclist are often very severe. Riders are obviously far more exposed than a driver of a car. Tragically, many accidents end up with fatalities. So the duty of care drivers must have to make sure they are on the lookout for bikes is so important.  

If a motorcyclist is injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault, they are eligible to make a motorcycle claim for compensation for their injuries and suffering. Because the injuries sustained are normally more severe, it is significantly important for a motorcycle victim to enlist the help of a specialist personal injury lawyer in order to make sure their claim for compensation is maximised. All angles must be covered; and you need to make sure the representation you instruct has the know-how and expertise to make sure you are fully compensated on every level.

We at The Injury Lawyers are specialist personal injury lawyers. We only deal with claims for personal injury – we are the experts in the field! For specialist advice on claiming for compensation, give us a call for a free, no obligation chat with an accident expert.

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