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Hair Disasters

So you have been to the hairdressers expecting to come out with brilliant results, and you expect to be fully satisfied. However, something went wrong and you really don’t know what to do about it and you’re a little confused as to why it’s happened. You went into the hairdressers expecting it to be a simple and straightforward process. After all, everyone goes to the hairdressers; surely it’s an easy enough process to have something like your hair dyed when you are in the hands of a “professional”.

Anyone who has happened to suffer in the hands of a hairdresser is far from alone. Hair dressing problems are much more common than people realise and the majority of the time the issues occur as a result of poor techniques or incompetence on the hair dressers part. Hairdressing is a profession that is actually by far under regulated in this country.

The chemicals used for bleaching, straightening, colouring and perming hair all consist of very strong substances, which if used incorrectly can go very wrong indeed – often leading to burns, hair loss and in very severe cases, permanent damage. There are also risks with hair extensions if they are misused leading to semi permanent and even permanent damage. Also, dermatitis through contact is fifteen times higher than the national average.

It isn’t fair or acceptable to have hairdressing disasters; it’s also very upsetting for you. It’s surprising that when hair treatments have gone wrong, a lot of the time, the customer has even paid for the treatment because often it’s a very embarrassing situation to find yourself in. Sometimes, however, the results aren’t apparent straight away and it’s only when you get home that you realise there is a problem.

With dying and bleaching hair, it’s mandatory for hairdressers to practise patch tests if the client hasn’t had their hair dyed before; these tests need to be carried out before your hair is even touched. This should then give the hairdresser a clear idea of how your skin is likely to react with the product.

Hair straightening is usually completed by one of two methods: the hair is either chemically straightened or thermally reconditioned. Again if either treatment is carried out incorrectly it can cause very serious damage. The chemicals used should not come into contact with any part of your skin as it could lead to server burns.

Perms (permanent waves) are usually also conducted by using chemical products; the hair follicle is altered to change the usual shape of the hair. Great care and professional techniques need to be carried out to achieve a safe result as it can also lead to burns, hair damage or skin irritation.

If you have had any type of reaction due to poor professional care you are probably wondering what to do for best. You are quite within your rights to make a claim for compensation. Not only should the hairdresser be made aware of their mistake but it’s only fair that you receive some kind of compensation as a result of the incident. All hairdressers should have some form of insurance to cover themselves when things go wrong. This is basically a pot of money which covers the hairdresser; you shouldn’t feel worried or anxious about making a claim as this insurance is specifically tailored for accidental damage.

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