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Understanding Road Traffic Accident Claims

Around 250,000 accidents occur within our roads every year in the UK and that figure is steadily rising. We all are aware of the dangers facing drivers today, no matter how careful you are there is a very real chance that you may be involved in a car accident and have to pursue a road accident claim.

We can help if, unfortunately, you have been involved with a road or car accident. You may be entitled to 100% compensation if you suffered an injury no matter if you are the driver, passenger or a pedestrian caught up in a traffic accident through no fault of your own.

You don't pay a penny...Why should you!

As experienced, professional Injury Lawyers we will handle all claims through our 'genuine No Win No Fee' policy. We will advice you if you have an road accident claim worth pursuing and what happens next. Our commitment to our clients is what makes us stand-out against other firms.

To find out if you have valid road accident claim either use any of our no-obligation forms on this page or call us now on 0800 634 75 75 to get first class advice on how to process your claim.

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Latest Client Testimonials
Robert Livesey, Walsall
I chose Your Lawyers initially as you were still offering 100% compensation. I was very happy with the first class service from start to finish, keeping me fully informed throughout. I thought Your Lawyers fought to get me the maximum compensation. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend to a friend. Thank you very much for your help.
Terry Harper, London
A good service - I would recommend. Many thanks for sticking with it through to the end.
Pauline Spaven, Sheffield
My claim was dealt with great professionalism and I was kept informed and up to date throughout. Nothing was too much trouble and was always happy to explain things simply, so full understanding was achieved. Highly delighted with a friendly professional team.
Debbie Jones, Caernarfon
They are very reliable and make you feel comfortable whilst talking to them. Would very much recommend them.
William Ramsdale, Swindon
Other companies would have not continued when the Defendant refused to accept liability. But thanks to your perseverance with this case I have now received my compensation in full and no percentage taken out. Once again thank you very much. I would certainly recommend Your Lawyers to others.
Matthew Brown, Preston
The communication kept throughout was brilliant. Very easy to contact and fast reponding. Pleasure to deal with, thank you Your Lawyers.
Patricia Stacey, Hertfordshire
Communication was great throughout my claim, I am very happy with the outcome and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work, many thanks.
Joseph Duke, Kent
I am very pleased with the outcome of my claim. I will highly recommend you to family and friends. Thank you.
Maureen Roberts, Hertfordshire
Although during a very difficult and worrying time my experience has been very good. I was constantly updated and well informed of what was happening in a very friendly and efficient manner. The specialist lawyer made me feel at ease and helped me through a very difficult time. I didnt think it would be quite so simple to make a claim and really appreciated the personal touch that was added. Very many thanks.
Krystle Harrison, County Durham
Great communication with Shauni. I felt she did everything possible to explain step by step. Thank you.
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