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Whiplash a few days later – Injury Lawyers Advice

suffer a whiplash injury then call the injury lawyersBecause we are a trusted firm of injury experts who represent thousands of compensation victims throughout the UK, we are often the first point of call for advice after suffering injuries in an accident. When it comes to whiplash, one of the most common things that people say is this:

At the time, I felt fine. But then a few days later, I started feeling pain

This is actually extremely common for whiplash injuries. In fact, the majority of people will not normally feel the pain right away. It either starts to make itself known the next day or a few days later. Most people, other than being a little shaken up after the accident, feel physically fine.

So don’t be concerned when you start to feel the effects a few days after the accident. It’s entirely normal, and any delay in having medical attention caused by the symptoms coming on a few days later won’t stop you from claiming. As soon you explain to the doctor that you started feeling the pain a little after the accident, they’ll probably tell you its normal.

The Symptoms

Most people wake up and feel like they’ve slept funny. Possible stiffness and achiness, or sore pains in and around the neck, back, and shoulder area. You may have a headache or perhaps have some pins and needles in your arms.

Normally the symptoms will get worse before they get better, so over the following days you can expect to see the symptoms getting worse. They may then ease off and you may be left with residual pain for weeks or months thereafter.

So if you are suffering a whiplash injury after an accident that wasn’t your fault, give us a call on our free claims helpline on 0800 634 75 75 today.

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