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Whiplash Claims Average Payout 2011

We help people with whiplash injuries on a daily basis. They are the most common form of injury sustained from a road accident. We are Whiplash Experts – meaning we can guarantee a maximum payout for a whiplash injury for a compensation claim. But – how much are we talking about for a successful claim in terms of payout?

Average Payouts

The banding for whiplash claims are set out in to three common areas – Minor, Moderate, and Severe. The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, which are used for expert solicitors to value whiplash claims with medical evidence, provide us with the payout information needed to settle a claim for the maximum amount possible.

Minor Whiplash Injuries

  • A full recovery after a few weeks to a year – the payouts range between  £875 to £2,850
  • A full recovery within 2 years – payouts range between £2,850 to £5,150

The average payout for a minor whiplash is usually around £2,850 – but to get this amount, you will need a fully qualified expert personal injury lawyer representing you for your claim.

Moderate Whiplash Injuries

  • Moderate whiplash injuries range from £5,150 to £16,400

As you can see, it’s quite a large bracket. There will be a lot to take in to account for when it comes to valuing your personal injury claim.

Severe Whiplash Injuries

With a severe whiplash injury, it’s all the more important to make sure you get the right expert on your side. These range up to anywhere in the region of £97,000!

How Much Will I be Paid Out

This all depends on how you go about your personal injury accident. You need a fully qualified specialist personal injury lawyer representing you for your claim to ensure you are guaranteed the maximum payout. Only a proper personal injury lawyer is able to guarantee it.

Your claim amount can vary depending on who you instruct

  • Independent Firm of Expert Injury Lawyers – should guarantee you the maximum payout. Make sure they’re working on a Genuine No Win No Fee, meaning you receive 100% of your compensation – no deductions, no charges. All legal fees are recovered directly from the other side.
  • Insurers Solicitor – these should be avoided. They will pay an insurance company anywhere up to £800 just to buy your case. This amount isn’t recoverable from the other side, meaning you are left with a cash strapped solicitor without the funds to fight as hard for a maximum payout than that of an independent lawyer you go direct to. Cut out the middle men – Its often known as Legal Expense Insurance, or Motor Legal Protection

Both the Law Society and the Bar Council recommended that referral fees be stopped, on the grounds that they have the potential to limit access to justice and reduce the quality of legal services on offer. So don’t just take our word for it!

  • Claims Management Companies – these are companies who will refer your claim over to one of their panel solicitors. They, of course, don’t do this for free. You will again be left with a solicitor with less money to spend on you and your claim; this leaves you with reduced service levels, and less money for your lawyer to fight harder for a maximum payout. Or – they will charge you for it!

For more advice, give our Whiplash Experts a call.

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