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E.Coli Strain Causes Closure of Nursery

e-coliA nursery in Plymouth has been closed while the source of an E.coli infection is detected.

The Going Places nursery in Springhill Green, Pennycross is being investigated after two children were taken to hospital with E.coli and two children were also recovering at home. The Health Protection Agency has stressed that the closure is only temporary while staff and children are being tested for the disease. The nursery cares for over 100 children and samples have to be taken from the children and staff.

E .coli is a common bacteria which is present everywhere, however the 0157 strand is potentially fatal, and this is what the children from the nursery have been diagnosed with. It is usually transferred by contaminated water or through food which has not been cooked properly and once contracted can be easily spread from person to person. As a result, correct food preparation is vital in order to try and prevent the outbreak of this strain of bacteria with incorrect storage and preparation of food can speed up the spread of infection.

Symptoms to watch out for include bloody diarrhoea, stomach pain and fever. The nursery have released a statement in an attempt to quell fears of any possible spread, stating that an inspection had shown no links to the nursery kitchen or any of their procedures.

Unfortunately for the nursery, young children are particularly vulnerable to the E.coli 0157 strain and as a result there is a necessity to maintain a greater standard of hygiene than may be acceptable elsewhere. In view of this if an injury is suffered as a result of poor standards of food care then it may be the case that a claim could be brought by the injured party against the nursery and, if they were found negligent, then compensation might be obtained.

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