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Work Equipment

In a previous post I explained what ‘work equipment’ actually is and what is meant by the term ‘use at work’ but today I will try and help you answer the following:

“Is your work equipment actually suitable? What obligations do your Employer’s have to ensure the suitability of the equipment they provide you with?”

PUWER imposes 3 key obligations upon your Employer’s:

  • They MUST ensure that the work equipment they provide you with is constructed or appropriately adapted so as to be suitable for the use which it is intended.
  • When your Employer is selecting your work equipment they MUST have regard for the working conditions and take consideration of any health and safety risks. If use of the working equipment would cause risk to any persons working within the premises it is to be used this must be considered.
  • They MUST ensure that the work equipment which they have provided is used only for the use it was intended for and under conditions for which it is suitable

So, how should your Employer consider the suitability of the work equipment? What factors should they have in mind when making a decision?

They should have 3 main factors in mind:

  • The initial integrity of the equipment provided
  • The places in which the equipment will be used
  • The purposes for which the equipment will be required for.

In conclusion; the aim of the above obligations and regulations is to ensure that ALL work equipment provided to Employee’s by their Employer’s, may be used without their being any risk to the user of that equipment or to anyone who may be working nearby. These obligations and duties are strict and ongoing for your Employer and failure to meet with them will be a breach on their part meaning that you could claim compensation if your employer does not comply with these regulations.

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