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Roundabout Accidents – Are You in the Correct Lane?

There are many rules in the highway code which govern how you should circulate on a roundabout (including how to approach and exit a roundabout). Obviously, all the usual rules apply – check your mirrors, signal and manoeuvre. You should also decide early on which exit you wish to take and ensure you are in the correct lane (before entering the roundabout) for your intended route.

roundabout-accident-claimsIt is a MUST that when you are approaching a roundabout that you give way to road users to your right who are already established on the roundabout.

What happens if I am in the wrong lane for my intended exit?
Well, the rules state that if this happens, you must take precautions and be very careful of the other cars on the roundabout. If you do need to exit/continue around the roundabout and you are in the wrong lane, make sure you slow down to an appropriate speed for the conditions of the road and be sure that the route is clear before changing lanes. Do not inconvenience or endanger other road users!

What happens I’m in the wrong lane and a collision occurs?
In the case of Slater V Bancroft, the driver of a car approached the roundabout in the wrong lane for his intended route, a motorcyclist was following behind. Instead of exiting the roundabout at the exit intended for the lane she was in, the driver continued around the roundabout causing the motorcyclist behind to have to brake sharply, loosing control of his vehicle. The court held that it was not enough to bring a claim that the driver was in the wrong lane, but the claim arose when the driver failed to take considerable care when adjusting her position.

Roundabout Accidents Conclusion:
Take care when using a roundabout and if you are in the wrong lane, make sure it is safe to reposition yourself on the roundabout.

If you have been involved in a traffic accident on a roundabout because the other driver was in the wrong lane then you should be able to claim for an injury and financial losses!

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