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Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong

Many of us visit hair and beauty salons on a regular basis in order to keep ourselves looking good. Having different treatments and using numerous different products on our hair and bodies in order to give us an extra treat. However, you may not have considered what to do if it all goes wrong.

When booking ourselves into the salon we must consider the treatments we intend to have. For instance having your hair coloured, the products and hair dye used can often be an extremely strong substance. Therefore, care must be taken when applying and using the product. Salons should insist on a patch test being carried out on you the client, in order to rule out any allergic reaction to the products that they intend to use. A patch test is simply applying the product, for example hair dye, to a small area of your skin 48 hours before your appointment in order to confirm that you are not allergic to the product.

If we are to think about the numerous possibilities of what could go wrong with beauty treatments, we would no doubt frighten ourselves out of having them. A vast majority of beauty treatments are performed correctly and have the desired effect the client wanted. However, it is worth noting the consequences and knowing exactly what to do if the worst happens.

Hair stylists and Beauty Therapists have a duty to perform the desired treatment to such a standard as could be expected by their peers and other professionals in their field. Therefore if they fail to do this and as a result you sustain a personal injury then you may have a claim for negligence.

There are number things to consider if a treatment goes wrong in order to establish blame and these are; what have you reacted too, the product/substance or the way the product/substance was applied? If you have reacted to the product itself, was a patch test carried out? If a patch test wasn’t carried out by the salon you may have a claim for compensation, especially if you have informed them of any allergies you may have. If you have reacted to the way the product was applied, and it is found that the product was applied incorrectly by a member of the salons staff, through them not following the instructions and procedures, and then you also may have a claim for compensation. Another aspect to consider is whether the product itself is faulty. For example, hair extensions, that have been correctly applied by the salon, but have caused a personal injury to the client, this would then be an issue of product liability in which case the manufacturer of the hair extensions would need to be contacted in order to pursue a personal injury claim through them.

In order to keep the possibility of a frightening experience at the salon to a minimum it worth informing the salon and its staff of any allergies you have no matter how minor you may believe them to be. For example nut oils are often used in hair dying products; therefore it is vital that you inform the salon of all of your allergies.

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